1. Old Pennywise (1990)


While modern Pennywise will definitely be a popular choice this year (since it was more or less the ONLY movie anyone saw between August and September - and also it was pretty great), for older folks, more pretentious people ("oh you only saw the REMAKE? Heh, the original is actually FAR superior"), and/or people who need a little bit more Tim Curry in their lives will go with CLASSIC Pennywise. Also people who just want a simpler design, because DAMN getting those upward red lines right on new Pennywise isn't easy.

2. New Pennywise (2017)


You'll probably see more Modern Pennywises (is that the right plural of Pennywise?) this year, since the design was plenty memorable, it's not the most complicated costume to pull off, and it's the MOST recent big thing in pop culture right before Halloween. Bonus points if you dress up like Pennywise and go hang out in the sewer for a while to get that authentic odor juuuust right. And double bonus points if you can pull off sweet moves like this:

3. "Sexy" Pennywise (2017)

Listen - you might find regular Pennywise extremely sexy as is, but for most people, a terrifying clown monster obsessed with terrifying and eating children isn't exactly "sexy." Totally subjective, of course. But that means lots of people will want the recongition that comes with a Pennywise costume BUT also looks totally hot (since Halloween is 30% about having fun in a spooky environment and 70% about getting trashed and hooking up with someone). And if you think it'll be too difficult to forget the weird uncomfortableness with sexualizing a supernatural child murderer, you've never been on the internet.

Jessica Rabbit who? ?

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4. Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is more or less the ideal costume - a cool pop culture icon who's having her moment in the sun, pretty hot-looking without veering into "slutty cat" look, AND you have the perfect excuse to be eating an ice cream cone when you're wasted at 2am.

5. Rick & Morty (possible couple's costume)


Rick & Morty went from underwatched cult show in its first season to pretty popular mainstream comedy in its second season to ALL OF THE INTERNET IS TALKING ABOUT PICKLE RICK NONSTOP AND SCREAMING AT MCDONALD'S EMPLOYEES ABOUT SOME CRUMMY SAUCE JOKE WOOOOO in its most recent third season. People are INTO Rick & Morty (and yes, there are shitty, shitty fans, but there are shitty fans of everything), and it's gonna be a popular costume. Morty costumes are insanely easy to put together (yellow shirt, jeans, a weird haircut where you don't have sideburns for some reason) and Rick is pretty doable too (lab coat, a wig, and some perpetual green slime oozing out of your mouth). And because we won't get any ACTUAL Rick & Morty for the next, uh, several years maybe (based on how long it took to get season 3), I'll take any Rick & Morty stuff I can find.

6. Pickle Rick


One of the best parts about Rick & Morty is its ability to toy with the characters and our familiarity with them - this comes through with the multiverse-hopping that leads to alternate versions of pretty much every character (EVIL MORTY, WHERE ARE YOU?) and weird, inexplicable transformations - like Pickle Rick (who is, if you are not familiar, Rick but as a pickle). Pickle Rick was at the forefront of probably the best episode of season 3, which had been teased for a long time - Rick turns himself into a pickle for....some reason. It was very unclear in the marketing WHY Rick would do this, but the actual explanation (he did it to get out of family therapy) and the ensuing, hyperviolent adventure he went on sealed it as the peak of season 3 (and possibly the entire series).

Plus, it's super fun to yell "I'm PICKLE RIIIIIICK!"

7. Terrible Rick & Morty Fan


The only real BAD part about Rick & Morty is a certain subsection of its fandom - the type that won't shut up about how "smart" the show is (and how smart THEY are for APPRECIATING it) and who riot at McDonald's employees for not having enough of a promotional nugget sauce that's just teriyaki sauce mixed with ketchup. Somehow they are fans of a show where they idolize a nihilistic genius who holds nothing dear, yet get SO WRAPPED UP in the idea of some crummy sauce that they throw fits in public like a bunch of toddlers. If they like Rick so much, you would think they'd realize how pathetic he would think they all were.

Anyways, ear a Rick & Morty t-shirt ("Get Schwifty" or "Pickle Rick," up to you) and scream annoying catchphrases at literally everyone you come into contact with. Hint: there will be a LOT of people accidentally doing this costume without realizing it.

8. Bad Taste Costume


There always has to be at least ONE costume that is in obvious bad taste, but for some reason the person wearing it just thinks it's a funny joke and can't see how gross/offensive/insanely awful it really is. And this year has a lot of possibilities - dressing up as Hurricane Harvey (don't), Kim Jong-Un (also don't), Stephen Paddock (PLEASE DON'T), etc. So keep your eyes open - although sadly, someone already pulled the Anne Frank costume from the internet, so don't expect to see that one.

9. Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg is probably the EASIEST costume imaginable for most young-ish white dudes - pop on a sorta-tight grey t-shirt and jeans and put on an inhuman, forced smile and you're good to go. Plus, you can add some accessories, like a sign reading "DEFINITELY NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT" or "OH GOD I'VE CREATED A MASSIVE, UNWIELDY PLATFORM THAT EVEN I DON'T FULLY COMPREHEND THE POWER OF AND NOW I'M BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR FOREIGN INTERVENTION IN THE 2016 ELECTION PLEASE HELP ME."

10. Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen (possible couple's costume)


This is going to be THE couple's costume of 2017 (although honestly Rick & Morty might be closing in on it) - Jon Snow (aka Aegon Targaryen) and Daenerys Targaryen (aka about 50 titles that I can't entirely remember right now). The fact that they're nephew and aunt doesn't seem to bother anyone - this is the COOL kind of incest, because they're both super-hot and at least not aware that they're blood relatives. Also, seriously, these two are so hot together. Did you SEE Jon Snow's butt when they were banging on that ship? Those buns are so hot they could melt the Wall.


11. David S. Pumpkins


Everyone has had a full year to prepare for this - get your David S. Pumpkins costumes ready. The character came out of nowhere in one of SNL's funniest sketches of the past year - arriving with weird, wild gusto from Tom Hanks, who totally committed to the completely inexplicable character. And miraculously, SNL found a popular character it DIDN'T run into the ground by repeating week after week. So if you have a group of three people (and at least one of them shares Bobby Moynihan's body type), it would be tough to find a better costume situation than David S. Pumpkins and his two skeletal companions. Plus, you can say "Any questions?" right before leaving any room.

12. Donald Trump


Last year, everyone had Donald Trump costumes because he was this weird, loud reality show guy who was running for president, and it all felt kinda like a big goofy joke. And while you normally can't recycle costumes, the fact that reality has set in and Donald Trump is freakier than Pennywise makes for a pretty solid excuse.


13. Eleven from Stranger Things


I will take ANY excuse to be eating Eggo waffles during a Halloween party. And I know I'm not alone in that belief.

14. Deadpool


Even before Deadpool's box office record-setting film debuted last year, Deadpool had been a popular mainstay costume at comic conventions for years. But once he REALLY popped into the normie cultural sphere, suddenly EVERYONE was a huge Deadpool fan - and Deadpool costumes followed. After all, it was a simple costume (usually just a spandex bodysuit) AND you got to act all "wacky" and spout "hilarious" catchphrases, like naming various Mexican foods. But mostly, everyone still has their Deadpool costume from last year - and presuming you didn't gain a bunch of weight, it's gonna look like a pretty attractive option this year too.

But honestly, you also DO have an excuse to be eating chimichangas all night long, and (unless you have a Fat Mac costume) this is your best avenue for that.

15. Inappropriate "Sexy" Costume


Every year, someone has to find an incredibly inappropriate thing to make "sexy" for their Halloween costume. And while you may think "sexy Pennywise" or "sexy Eleven" already takes this slot, YOU HAVE NOT YET WITNESSED THE POWER OF SEXY FIDGET SPINNER.


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