If you're familiar with PBS' Antiques Roadshow, you know the world is full of little treasures that random ass people for some reason just have in their cupboards, and that sometimes they are worth a fortune.

What you may not be aware of is that comedian Keaton Patti greatly improves these little treasures by photoshopping in new and improved names for them. If you like his stuff, follow Keaton on Twitter, check out his website, and pop by the monthly UCB show he hosts in New York: Laugh Tracks.

1. Wow and it's aged perfectly

2. Rook to Snakey Red Part

3. Congratulations ma'am, you're a millionaire

4. Wow Schultz stopped making these - very rare

5. Must buy so I can see these hotties get it on

6. Perfect I've got all this bread and nothing to do with it

7. It really is as heavy as they say it is

8. A virgin version of this will sell for twice the price

9. Murdoc's new archnemesis

10. My baby don't mess around because she loves me so

11. Shut up and take my money

12. You can really see the resemblence 


14. Daaaamn I'd like to hang that over the mantle if you know what I mean

15. These are to scale

16. I am not a plate but thank you for asking!

17. A lady like these will require my best woos

18. The band has fallen upon hard times it seems

19. Wow so this is what they look like