If you give money to a homeless person and don't immediately tell everyone on social media, does it even count as goodwill?

I mean, afterall, if you don't constantly talk about your accomplishments, how will people know you're a brilliant angel with the modesty of Mother Teresa and the sex drive of a GOD?!

1. Ugh, I'm perfect but not PERFECT perfect #notfair.


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2. Wow, this must be really hard for you. 


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3. My ego is as tiny as my waistline, that's why I'm telling you all of this :)


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4. I'm a BIG man and I do the sex GOOD!


5. I BASICALLY saved this man's life with Salt and Vinegar chips. 


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6. Oh, forgetful little me! 


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7. I'm so generous, I basically BELONG in the bible. 


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8. God, I wish I was a dumb fucking idiot like you guys!


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9. I'm so good at so many things, can you believe I actually made a mistake?!


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10. It's the little things in life that make me the greatest person alive!


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11. "I'm so embarrassed, let me tell everyone about it!"


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12. You know I'm a good person because I'm telling you that I am right now.

Infuriating Humble Brags That'll Throw You into a Blind Rage

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