The word of content creators' must be trustworthy - otherwise, the relationship between audience and publisher breaks down. So we wanted to follow up on a previous article, 13 Tweets That Will Keep You Entertained For About 2 Minutes - now, at the time of publishing, we had no idea realistically how long those 13 tweets would keep you entertained. We estimated 2 minutes after sending the post to a few co-workers, but admittedly did not know if the broader audience would consume the post quicker, slower, or at the same pace. Well, the analytics are in, and (no joke):


Yes - 2 minutes and one second. I'd say that falls neatly into the "about 2 minutes" category, right? To be fair, this is an average - some may have read it in much less time, and others took a little extra time. But we were true to our word - and we wanted you to know we would always try our best to not mislead you.

So, without further ado, here are some more tweets that should keep you entertained for no less than 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Enjoy!

1. "So your GPA was...7.1413? That's pretty impressive."

2. Should the guy be insulted his hair is the same as someone's aunt? Or should the aunt be insulted she has the same hair as a surfer bro?

3. "They call us 'Nazis' JUST because of all of our Nazi stuff!"

4. Clearly, you have never seen a strong gamer before.

5. Okay, snakes are "angry ropes" now. Everyone in agreement? Cool.

6. Okay, I really need to see this version of 'The Hobbit' ASAP.

7. Honestly, it's probably for the best I grew up watching shows like Rugrats, which taught me most humans looked like weird lumpy monsters. It made my transition into my adulthood body much easier.

8. "Please don't tell anyone how I live."

9. See? There IS hope for good in this world.

10. Please don't feed / show hentai to the iguanas.

11. The many faces of trains.

12. Bill Nye, the sly guy.