Former NFL star wide receiver Chad Johnson was known for his entertaining antics on the field, but now has taken that same enthusiasm to Twitter where he seems to be all about making jokes, challenging fans to FIFA, and spreading #positivity.

Check out some of his tweets below or go to his page and challenge him to a little gaming 1 on 1.

But be prepared, he might fly to your home and live-tweet your romping.

1. He lives with style, he'll die with style.

2. But the best way to ruin a relationship is referring to sex as horizontal activity.

3. It's just that easy.

4. A very valid point.

5. Chad. It was the trying on of the condoms. That was the thing you did wrong.

6. The man even makes memes.

7. The moment shit gets real for a NFL player.

8. The post-dunk victory dance is optional, however.

9. Well at least you didn't try the condoms on this time.

10. Give it a year or two...