I'm not going to make any wild promises here - we spent a good amount of time collecting and curating the finest and most well-crafted tweets on the internet, but at most they will only entertain you for about 2 minutes (maybe 3 if you watch the video one, which is really worth it). Still, it will be a VERY enjoyable 2 minutes. I can't guarantee you will laugh out loud, but you will (most likely) smile or perhaps emit a gentle chuckle. That is as far as I'm willing to go though.

Anyways, enjoy:

1. Honestly, everyone should wear this sign at all times, not just on airplanes.

2. Can't wait for this Tomb Raider movie, where Lara Croft is half-human/half-giraffe.

3. The only problem with this is that I would really want to extend the Purge by about 364 more days.

4. We all have to grow up at some point.

5. Past-Me sets 40 alarms in the morning to make sure I get up on time, but STILL goes to bed super-late. Past-Me is a real jerk.

6. Really incredible how diverse this movie series is. Great job, Hollywood!

7. Rick & Morty is great. Rick & Morty fans, however, are.....uhh.....

8. Haha totally true, so true (*immediately opens an incognito tab and types that exact thing into google*)

9. Tiny Jackie Chan did all of his own stunts, I hear.

10. The Bourne Troll-spiracy

11. Little Caesar's might not always be fresh, but their employees' moves sure are.

12. I always specify that on everything I order, just in case.

13. The harshest clapback I have ever witnessed in my life. Incredible.


via @ThickLeeyonce