If you've yet to see the new IT remake, get your ass in gear and head out to the theater, if only to see Pennywise the Dancing Clown earn it's name. Amidst all the frights, horrors, and spooks, Pennywise rips the dance floor to fucking shreds with a move that will likely sweep the globe.

For someone dubbed "The Dancing Clown", Pennywise certainly doesn't have an impressive range of moves, but you gotta respect its commitment to what it seems to consider its bread and butter.

This dance is the gift that keeps on giving. Put any song to it, it'll make your day.

1. I know it wants to be scary, but it's just too damn sexy

2. Time to put Pennywise in one of those Just Dance games

3. The only good thing to come of the awful song made by Jake Paul

4. Something all the kids can get behind

5. Better to be safe than sorry

6. A little bit of DEMONS in my life