If you wanted to find the most vapid, thought-free place in the known universe, it's hard to imagine a better spot than a fashion show red carpet - filled with vain celebrities, fluff-obsessed interviewers, and a crowd of people who care more about the designer of an outfit than literally anything else in life. And for that reason, Jim Carrey decided to swing by and give the darkest, most nihilistic interview to ever air on E!.

The poor, unsuspecting interviewer (Catt Sadler) really had no idea what she was in for when she stopped Ace Ventura on the carpet for a quickie interview - maybe she thought she'd get some impressions, some wacky antics, or basically ANYTHING other than what she did get: ennui-ridden ruminations on the meaninglessness of existence. In other words, Jim Carrey is pretty much literally BoJack Horseman.

Things started out fine enough - with Catt Sadler seeing Jim Carrey (who looked to be in good spirits) and giving him a set-up for some humor...which did not come:

Jim Carrey Gave the Darkest, Most Nihilistic Red Carpet Interview Ever

  1. Catt Sadler

    Is it true you're wandering the streets? Do you need a date to the party? What's up?

  2. Jim Carrey

    No, no, I'm doing just fine. There's no meaning to any of this - so, I - I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join - and here I am.

  3. Catt Sadler

    They're cele-

  4. Jim Carrey

    I mean, you gotta admit, it's completely meaningless.

They then argued over the meaning of icons, and - to Catt Sadler's credit - she really did push back against Jim Carrey about the value of icons and individuals. But Jim Carrey was feeling existential:


And the interview came to its natural conclusion, with Ace Ventura himself concluding that all existence was meaningless:



If you think Jim Carrey was pranking Catt Sadler or being awkward and unfair with her, it DOES seem like he's been on this dark kick recently elsewhere - but the interviews go a little less badly when the interviewer just rolls with it:




Check out that full interview here:

And, uh, hopefully Jim Carrey gets a cheerier perspective on life. After all, how can you say the world is meaningless when beauty like this exists?