Listen, I get it - I'm not the easiest person to like. I've done some bad stuff in my day - I enabled Joffrey, I conspired to arrange the death of my husband Robert, I tried to have my brother Tyrion killed, and I may have had something to do with setting off that wildfire nuke in our equivalent of the Vatican and murdered a ton of random innocents.

But you people are fucking hypocrites.


When my brother Jaime and I were engaged in incest, it was just another sign that we were "the bad guys." Ew! Incest! So gross! Forget that we're both hot as hell (have you SEEN our cheekbones?) and this is a fantasy medieval world where incest isn't that unusual - it's the secret so shocking that we had to shove a kid out of a tower AND the scandal that Ned Stark died investigating. How horrible - these two hotties who happen to be related are boning each other IN A FUCKING SHOW WITH DRAGONS N ICE ZOMBIES.

But I get it. We were brother and sister, so of course it's going to read as at least a little icky when we're banging each other nonstop. But at least that's not as gross as - say - an aunt and her nephew plowing each other, right? RIGHT?


Aunts and nephews banging SHOULD be weirder and grosser to you - since there's a power dynamic imbalance there. Aunts and nephews boning hard and showing off their bare asses while the aunt's assistant stares at the door from the hallway SHOULD NOT BE A SUPER HOT THING YOU SQUEAL OVER.

Or at least, if you DO, at least give ME a break for all of MY incest (which is on the MOST EQUAL GROUNDS POSSIBLE - WE WERE LITERALLY TWINS).

Plus, OUR incest was TRUE LOVE - we were true to one another and had children together. This aunt and nephew business is just two (admittedly hot) people being real horny for one another.

I'll grant you this: they don't KNOW they're doing incest to each other...but YOU do, and that's my issue. YOU know it's incest - and YOU FRIGGIN' LOVE IT?


BULLSHIT. When winter comes and it starts snowing in King's Landing, it's comeuppance for my sins - but when there are 8 inches of Snow in Daenerys, you all go wild with excitement? I see how it is - you just like THEIR incest because you think they're hotter. But guess what? Me and Jaime are just as hot. We're all 10s and deserve to be treated equally.

After all, you can't spell "incest" without "I C TENS".

-Cersei Lannister, The First Of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, Defender of Incest