5. Sansa


I get it - Sansa, of all the characters, has a great excuse for being a little hard-nosed about things: she's spent virtually EVERY SINGLE SEASON (up until the last) under the control and abuse of some guy who had cruel intentions for her - Joffrey, Littlefinger, and Ramsay (who also tortured and raped her for nearly an entire season straight). That all being said, Sansa has been kind of a dick this season - constantly questioning Jon Snow's choices loudly and publicly the instant he expresses them, instead of speaking with him privately and bringing up her concerns out of earshot of literally EVERY OTHER LORD IN THE NORTH. She definitely has some good points, but constantly undermining Jon isn't going to help things.

Although, to be even fairer to Sansa, she's in a pretty crummy situation - she's the only surviving Stark sibling who didn't get magic powers (telepathy/time travel, magic murder powers, resurrection) and all of her newly-reunited siblings have been pretty huge weirdos to her (we'll get to them in a bit).

4. Brienne


WHY IS BRIENNE STILL ON THIS SHOW? Let me be clear: Brienne is a GREAT character, but the writers ACTIVELY DO NOT GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT HER. She has been hanging out in Winterfell for the entire season, not contributing anything to anyone at any point. Ostensibly she's protecting the Stark girls, except she's been sidelined entirely while Littlefinger ably manipulates both of them. But Brienne's strength has never been the game of secrets and politics - she's a damn beast of a fighter, so LET HER FIGHT. Why wasn't she a part of the beyond-the-wall zombie kidnapping party? We would've gotten some more of those glorious Tormund-Brienne sparks that we all love PLUS we'd get to see Brienne do what she does best - wreck everyone's ass.

Instead, we've just seen her hanging around, twiddling her thumbs, and getting bested by a child.

3. Littlefinger


WHY IS LITTLEFINGER STILL ON THIS SHOW? His entire skillset depended previously on no one particularly having it out for him and his ability to operate in the shadows - that whole deal doesn't really work once he SOLD OFF his main object of manipulation to a psychotic, sadistic rapist and abandoned her, especially now that she is keenly aware of what an unrepentant piece of shit he is. How can he manipulate ANYONE when everyone knows this? Because he controls the Knights of the Vale? NO ONE IN THE VALE LIKES HIM OR TRUSTS HIM EITHER - the only advantage he had was that he had the ear of Robin Arryn, who is back at the Vale. NO ONE LIKES LITTLEFINGER! EVERYONE KNOWS HE'S A MANIPULATIVE BACKSTABBING WEASEL! HOW IS HE STILL OPERATING IN WINTERFELL? HOW IS HE STILL MANIPULATING ARYA AND SANSA?

Also, it REALLY seems like Bran used his dumb triple-eyed bird powers to see EVERYTHING Littlefinger has ever said or done - SO WHY DOESN'T BRAN TELL SOMEONE?

2. Arya


WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ARYA? She went from the cool, takes-no-shit murdergirl to...this weird new iteration of that, who antagonizes her sister over some bizarre bullshit that makes no goddamn sense. For real - she is threatening to DESTROY Sansa over a letter she wrote UNDER DURESS years ago WHILE ATTEMPTING TO SAVE HER FATHER'S LIFE. She brings up seeing Sansa up on the block next to Cersei and Joffrey, accusing her of being on the Lannister's side - ignoring that Sansa was screaming and crying out desperately to not execute Ned Stark.

Arya even has the gall to say that she would have suffered death before serving the Lannisters - ignoring that THAT WAS A MAJOR PLOTLINE OF ARYA'S A FEW SEASONS AGO (serving as Tywin Lannister's cupgirl)...AND THAT SHE COULD HAVE HAD HIM MURDERED BUT DIDN'T. Regardless of her bizarre levels of hypocritical thinking, why is Arya being such a shithead to her long-lost sister? Reuniting with her family has been all Arya has thought about for years - and the one family member around who's willing to be normal with her (sorry Bran) is the one person she decides to be the biggest dick to?

1. Bran


Guys....fuck Bran. Fuck his weird blank emotionless personality, fuck his insensitive shoving away of everyone who cares about him, fuck his useless psychic powers that he never uses for anything this season, fuck his "hey remember when you got raped? Pretty nice weather that day" talk with Sansa, fuck EVERYTHING about him. Hodor died so THIS dipshit could live? Even with his Flashback powers, I've never seen a worse trade-off in TV history.

Fuck Bran.