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1. Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebooks - $22.99 ($27.00 14% off)


Notebooks are some of the most useful things you'll ever buy, but they have one downside: They pile up. If you have one or two lying around, that's no big deal but anymore and you start to feel like a serial killer living in a wall of their own messed up thoughts. Save your self from looking like the top suspect in a homocide by downsizing. 

Smart technology continues to come for everything, and now it's here for the traditional paper notebook. What does that mean, you ask. The Rocketbook Wave combines the freedom a traditional pen and paper notebook, with the flexibility and security of a smartphone, instantly blasting your notes into the cloud as soon as you're done writing them down. When you use the included Pilot FriXion pen in your Wave, you can erase notes in the microwave and reuse your notebook immediately, so you never have to use any superfluous space in your notebook. 

'The Rocketbook Wave is an affordable, simple notebook that gives you a straightforward way of getting your handwritten notes into the digital world--and lets you reuse its pages after a quick zap in the microwave.' 4/5 Stars, PC Mag 

  • Maintain a natural writing experience without taking up gobs of paper
  • Export notes to the cloud for instant, permanent access on your smartphone or tablet
  • Erase your notes in microwave fast to preserve paper
  • Write & reuse up to five times

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2. Sitpack 2.0 Compact Collapsible Seat - $39.95 ($65.00 38% off) 


I'm going to admit something difficult right now: I am lazy. People will probably judge me for admitting that but I don't care anymore. Being lazy feels good. There is nothing worse in the world to me than standing when I know I could be sitting down. As such, my lazy ass loves this insanely compact portable chair. Trust me. Buy yourself one and see the jealous looks you get from roobs who have no choice but to stand.

Everybody knows the feeling of tired legs. Whether you're standing out at a concert all day or been walking up a trail all day, we all eventually need to take a seat. You can bring one with you everywhere with Sitpack. This ingenious device is the size of a can and packs a supremely compact seat that you can pop out whenever you need a rest. Know it's going to be awhile until the band comes on? Well, at least you'll be comfortable. 

  • Allows you to take a hassle-free seat anywhere you are, regardless of terrain
  • Same size as a can & weights just 1.3 lbs for extreme portability
  • Height-adjustable to fit people of all heights
  • Alligator foot clamp keeps the seat in place easily

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3. Pavlok Electro Wristband - $134.99 ($199.99 32% off)


I have so many bad habits that, at this point, I feel like I can barely be considered human. I'm more a series of flaws held together by a coat of pasty skin. I've made many efforts at self improvement but they've all failed for one simple fact: Bad habits feel really, really good. Thankfully, there's a way to make to fix that. It may not be fun but it works.

Got a bad habit you're aching to break? Don't make yourself crazy with methods that don't work - train yourself like Pavlov's dog with the Pavlok. This little shock wristband sends you a light shock every time you engage in your bad habit by pressing the lightning bolt on the band or the zap button on the phone app. You can also set up automatic shocks through one of the many integrations. Any habit, same solution. Your brain will create an aversion to your bad habit when it's paired with a shock, that's just classical conditioning. 

'Anyone looking for a little extra motivation to get in shape, throw away your personal trainer and buy a Pavlok.' Peter Sagal, NPR 
'Other gadgets and apps dabble in behavioral change ... Pavlok takes things a step further, delivering a much stronger message.' Jennifer Jolly, New York Times 

  • May be set up to vibrate, beep, or zap when you engage in your bad habit
  • Keeps you mindful of your goals so you can break your bad habits
  • Completely customizable to your habit
  • Works automatically or manually, depending on your preference
  • Fully integratable w/ your browser, IFTT, other apps, & even your Fitbit


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4. TubShroom Tub Drain Protector - $17.99 ($39.90 54% off)


I don't like human interaction. I find it straining and I like to avoid it at all cost.  For this reason I like to take every precaution to make sure I never have to call anyone to come and fix something in my home. One of those precautions is making sure my pipes are safe from all the hair and debris that my body secretes daily. No clogs means no awkward conversations with a plumber. 

Hair in the drain is the quickest route to plumber land, and nobody wants to go to plumber land. Far too expensive. Instead, hop on the revolution in drain protection, TubShroom. Unlike regular plugs that go over the drain, TubShroom fits inside, neatly collecting hair around it, designed to effortlessly catch human and pet hair without disrupting water flow. Furry roommate? No problem. Pet? No problem. 

Featured on BuzzFeed, Yahoo!, HSN, Allure, Tech Insider, and more 

  • Fits in any standard bathroom drain to catch hair & prevent it from clogging the drain
  • Cleans up easily by just wiping it up
  • Saves you time & money on plumbing bills

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5. Dino Pet - $49.90 ($69.90 28% off)


Two words: Pet dinosaur. There that's all I should have to say to make you want to buy this....Oh, I'm being told that it's not actually a pet dinosaur, but it's actually better. Not only does this cool conversation piece glow in the dark, but unlike a real dinosaur, you don't have to worry about you killing it or it killing you. 

It's part pet, part night light! The Dino Pet is a living, interactive friend that uses naturally occurring bioluminescence to glow brilliantly when you give it a shake. Instead of batteries or a USB port, dinoflagellates provide a soft blue glow simply by using kinetic energy. They also won't chew up your pillows. 

  • Hold one of nature's most magical occurrences in your hand
  • Powered by sunlight, water, & simple nutrients
  • No batteries or charging required

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