20. Ryan McPoyle


The less aggressively weird of the incestuous, gross McPoyle brothers, Ryan is still...well, a McPoyle. A little dumber and little more unibrow-ed than his brother Liam, at least he has two functioning eyes. Well, unless he died in the Thanksgiving Day fire in The Gang Squashes Their Beefs, because we haven't seen him since then.

Best Episode: "Who Got Dee Pregnant?"

19. Special Agent Jack Bauer


If you thought Poppins was indestructible, he's nothing compared to Special Agent Jack Bauer - the junkyard cat adopted by Dennis in The Gang Cleans Up The Streets. Starting as nothing but a mangy feline, he eventually becomes Dennis' second-in-command (overtaking Frank) - and manages to survive a car explosion.

Best Episode: "Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City"

18. Carmen


The important thing to keep in mind with regards to Carmen is the point-of-view of the show is the Gang, and the Gang are (more or less) the absolute worst people imaginable. That being said, she's traditionally referred to in the early seasons as "the tranny" - something of a slur in the trans community, but emblematic of the show as a whole: Carmen is forthright, honest, and kind with all the Gang (mostly Mac), and they respond by insulting and demeaning her behind her back. Luckily Carmen got the last laugh on the show - getting into a stable loving relationship and adopting Dee's baby, and never having to see Mac again.

Best Episode: "Mac is a Serial Killer"

17. Bonnie Kelly


Poor Mrs. Kelly - introduced as Charlie's sweet trusting mother, we slowly found more and more about her crummy lot in life: she was impregnated by Frank in her younger days, forced to have an abortion (it didn't "take"), and raised Charlie all on her own (possibly with some "help" from her pedophile brother, Jack) - all while dealing with crippling OCD and a variety of undiagnosed anxieties. Really, Mrs. Kelly is one of the saddest characters on the show - constantly stuck in submissive relationships, ruled by her fears and compulsions, and her only child never wants to be there for her (except to drop off laundry).

Best Episode: "Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down"

16. Mac's Mom


Mac's mom is the perfect foil for the Gang, as she is completely unflappable and almost impossible to get a reaction out of. She spends her days smoking, watching TV, and...well, that's about it. She'll fall asleep at her son's funeral, barely notice when her husband gets released from jail, and has a bit too much self-awareness about her odor. All of these qualities also makes her the worst possible parent for Mac, who constantly craves approval and validation and love from anyone he can find.

Best Episode: "Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender"