1. Indiana Jones punches a Nazi square in the face.
  2. Indiana

    Take that, ya Nazi!

  3. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    Wow, so much for the "tolerant left."

  4. Indiana


  5. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    So now you just go around PUNCHING NAZIS? You don't see why that's a problem?

  6. Indiana

    No. Not really. They're Nazis.

  7. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    Oh, so someone having different beliefs than you justifies ASSAULT? You think you can use violence to stomp on others' freedom of speech. Who's the REAL fascist in that situation?

  8. Indiana

    Probably still the Nazi.

  9. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    You can't just call everyone you disagree with a "Nazi," Indy.

  10. Indiana

    This guy is literally a Nazi. He's wearing a swastika.

  11. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    If you REALLY love America, you should be DEFENDING this guy's right to freedom of speech. You should be CELEBRATING it. Even if you disagree with what he says, you should respect his right to say it.

  12. Indiana

    What he's saying is "kill them," referring to me and Marion. And shooting at us. Because he's a Nazi.

  13. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    Yeah, only because YOU were being violent to HIM. You can't act surprised when he responds to your thuggish violent ways with violence of his own.

  14. Indiana

    He's a Nazi. Their entire ethos is the elimination of specific minorities in the name of white supremacy. That they'll use violence to achieve these ends goes without saying.

  15. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    The point is that there's violence on BOTH sides. If you think you're so great, be the bigger person and shake their hand and have a conversation with them.

  16. Indiana

    He's shouting slurs at me and saying he's going to murder me. I don't think he's going to have a civil discussion.

  17. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    Violence is what people resort to when they're out of ideas. It doesn't SOLVE anything - it just shows everyone else you have no argument to make. They haven't become famous yet, but ever hear of Mahatma Gandhi and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.? They'll preach nonviolence to solve imperial and racist issues plaguing their people.

  18. Indiana

    They're calling for the mass extermination of millions of people and have already killed plenty. Also they threw me in a pit and filled it with snakes. This is not a situation where passive resistance is going to do anything.

  19. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    It's a slippery slope - if PUNCHING a Nazi is okay, what ELSE is okay?

  20. Indiana

    There's a difference between what's right and what's legal. Punching Nazis will make them feel less safe about publicly espousing their ideas and keep them from becoming normalized. Also I really need to stop them from using the Ark of the Covenant to conquer the world.

  21. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    Indiana, your violent tactics are only going to make things worse. Admit that punching Nazis is OBJECTIVELY wrong!

  22. Indiana

    Okay, ya know what? Let's compromise - I won't punch any more Nazis.

  23. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    Thank you! I knew you'd see things my way eventually.

  1. A few hours later...


  1. Indiana

    FYI, I didn't punch any of the Nazis - I just let the wrath of God melt off all the Nazis faces and explode their heads.

  2. Modern Day Centrist, Doug

    Oh, so you think melting the faces off of Nazis is okay? So much for the "tolerant left."