Blockbuster is one of those deader than dead brands - once the king of video rentals, back before Netflix revolutionized that field (with their mailed DVD plan) and then obliterated altogether by introducing the world to the concept of streaming video libraries that made the idea of paying $5 to rent a movie for 2 days laughably dumb (especially because you had to PHYSICALLY GO to the store). Since declaring bankruptcy in 2010, Blockbuster Video stores began closing at faster and faster rate around the world - downsizing to a few hundred stores, and more recently - about 10 still operating in the United States (most of which are in Alaska).

But one of these stores has not only survived, but thrived as an independent franchise - in Pleasanton, Texas, and much of its success can be attributed to the fact that they run an INCREDIBLY great Twitter account:

For one, they've got a great sense of humor about themselves and understand the sadness and desperation that permeates the Blockbuster brand in 2017 (try to look at that #GoodbyeNetflix tweet without cringing).

Of course, it helps they just generally have a solid sense of humor even when not despairing over the state of their business:

And that's the point - this Blockbuster is a SURVIVOR. While the brand as a corporate entity and practically every other store shuttered, they've survived:

And why? Because they've made themselves a fixture of the community - their employees are funny and personable, but are also movie buffs who can talk cinema with customers and give them great recommendations; they keep a library of VHS tapes for the less tech savvy customers; and they seem like just all around good people.