*Nic Cage Voice* I've got to get to Kazakhstan. 

This amazing photo exists because Nic Cage recently went to the 13th Annual Eurasia International Film Festival held in Kazakhstan, and for it, as you can see, donned some traditional Kazakh garments. Now quick, there's no time - you need to see all the dope photoshops created by r/photoshopbattles.

1. This is a sneak peak at one of the new Star Wars spinoffs where a solitary Jedi combs through space looking to steal the Declaration of A Galaxy Far Far Away.


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2. Get you a man who can do both.


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3. The madman finally did it. You don't need to steal the Declaration of Independence if you go back in time and write it yourself.


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4. Entering all-range mode.


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5. You've seen him in Leaving Las Vegas, now catch him in LEAVING IKEA.


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6. Man, Nic Cage really fits in whatever time period you want him to, doesn't he?undefined

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7. Ni-collusion Cage.


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8. Two immortal disciples. Ever present. Ever watchful.


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9. I used to hate the bees. I no longer feel anything.


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10. That is all. Go out in the world, and spread peace. Kazakhstan Nic Cage is watching you.


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