Journalist Kurt Eichenwald is known for a lot of things - his virulent anti-Trump stance, his history with The New York Times and Newsweek, an odd incident last year where he was sent into an epileptic seizure due to a .GIF of a strobe light being sent to him via Twitter, and now...for accidentally revealing to the world he casually browses hentai.

While tweeting about some hate mail he had received, Kurt took a photo of the offensive piece and happened to have his computer screen in the background, with a browser open. And one of the tabs open in the browser was a site called "B-Chiku."



Someone caught wind of the odd site name, and after some minimal research, it becomes blindingly obvious that Kurt was just casually browsing hentai and broadcasting it to the world. For those unaware, "hentai" is:

a subgenre of the Japanese genres of manga and anime, characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit images and plots

Which basically boils down to "EXTREMELY perverted anime." Like, imagine what you THINK is perverted anime, then go look up some hentai. YEAH, IT'S MOSTLY THAT BAD.

Hell, someone even was able to find the specific image Kurt was looking at, and it is....well, it's certainly hentai. We absolutely cannot link to it here, but if you know how to use Google, you can probably find it (although we don't really recommend it).

Hours and hours went by with the internet making fun of Kurt and his newfound predilection for hentai, but eventually he logged back on with an explanation for what had happened:

So....yeah. His explanation is essentially "My adult sons and I were casually talking about tentacle porn with my wife, and we tried to find tentacle porn but could not, so I opened up some hentai instead."

...which makes no sense at all. If he really wanted to prove tentacle porn was "a thing," it's literally as simple as googling the term "tentacle porn" and showing her literally anything that shows up. Or, if he's trying to be more informative about the artform, just open up the Wikipedia link, which is the SECOND result in Google when typing in "tentacle porn."


How he got from "trying to explain tentacle porn to my wife" to "just a random piece of hentai on my computer while I was doing other stuff" requires several leaps in logic for his explanation to hold any level of believability. The more likely explanation? Kurt Eichenwald has a fetish for hentai - which is fine. People have fetishes, there's no shame in that. What there IS shame in is spinning an insane, ridiculous lie that hinges on you trying to convince the internet that you don't know how Google works and find hentai that involves no tentacles as an adequate replacement for tentacle porn.

But Kurt was not done digging himself into a hole, going on to offer DEFINITIVE PROOF that he wasn't making up an elaborate nonsensical story to excuse the presence of hentai on his computer:

And it ALMOST ended there (save for a few stray replies of him explaining his adult sons had been reading about tentacle porn's rise as a result of World War II), but Kurt came so so SO close to coming clean. He later deleted this tweet (for obvious reasons), but we had it saved in a slack channel conversation here:


Again, so SO close to just saying "I was looking at hentai - so what?" Which still would have had some level of embarrassment attached to it, but you can at least respect someone willing to be frank about their fetishes.

Of course, Kurt isn't the first journalist to accidentally reveal his tastes in porn over Twitter in the last year - Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo mistakenly posted a link to PornHub attached to a comment about Donald Trump right at the end of 2016. For some reason, he has STILL not deleted that tweet.

Anyways, good luck with your hentai, Kurt.