Today, President Trump announced that the United States would be leaving the Paris Accord - a worldwide climate agreement between nearly every nation on Earth to reduce greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2020 to combat climate change. The United States is one of the only first world countries to take such an action, much to the surprise of the rest of the world stage. And while many are bemoaning the decision as a horrible, short-sighted, dumb, idiotic, cruel, inconceivable move, it's ACTUALLY kinda okay - for these 5 reasons:

1. It will probably make Syria feel a little better about itself

Not to downplay the grim seriousness of the Syrian Civil War or anything, but Syria's had it rough for a while now. Consumed by various warring factions, a hotbed for ISIS, and a human rights disaster on all fronts - and worse, it was literally the only country not committed to the Paris Accord, all by itself.

But now Syria doesn't have to feel so lonely, because big country on campus - the U.S.A. - has joined them! Yes, Donald Trump saw Syria and was like "we should be more like them." Not so great for us, but it should make Syria feel just a little better.

Note: Nicaragua is also not part of the Paris Accord, but only because they felt it wasn't strong ENOUGH - and have their own self-imposed rules and regulations that aim to move to 90% renewables within the next few years.

2. Elon Musk can finally be exposed for the craven coward he is

Since Trump took office, Elon Musk has served on a pair of advisory councils for the President - on one for economic advisory and another for promoting jobs in manufacturing. But since Trump has committed America to leaving the Paris Accord, Musk felt he could no longer help advise the President, as it was clear that he would not heed Musk's guidance.


The thing is, though, IT TOOK HIM UNTIL THIS TO DECIDE MAYBE TRUMP WASN'T OPEN TO HIS IDEAS? The countless scandals and proactively cruel moves by the Trump Administration did nothing to dissuade Elon Musk - only this move away from climate change regulation did.

Musk wasn't budged by:

He was fine with all of that, but THIS is where he puts his foot down.

3. Cool reminder Trump doesn't understand how literally anything works

Part of Trump's speech justifying the shift away from fighting climate change was that he should be representing "Pittsburgh, not Paris."

...does he think the Paris Accord only applies to PARIS?

Does he understand that's just the NAME of the agreement, and the agreement itself has nothing to do with Paris in particular? Does he think the Geneva Convention only applies to Geneva? Does he think the Treaty of Versailles was somehow limited to Versailles? DOES DONALD TRUMP THINK WORLD WAR II IS STILL GOING ON BECAUSE THE PARIS PEACE AGREEMENT DOESN'T APPLY TO AMERICA???

Note: he really doesn't represent Pittsburgh:

4. "Covfefe" jokes were REALLY being run into the ground

Listen, "covfefe" jokes and references were becoming old and tired within about 30 minutes of the initial burst into memehood - so literally TWO DAYS later, we needed Trump to do something new and ridiculous so that the "covfefe" jokes could be retired permanently. So we've now replaced that silly misspelling joke with "oh god the planet is going to die" jokes. I call that an improvement!

I mean, even The Weather Channel is getting in on it:


5. It takes 4 years to leave, so this all might be for nothing


According to the conditions of the agreement, the United States cannot formally leave the Paris Accord for 4 years. Since it went into effect on November 4th, 2016, that means the date we can formally separate from it is November 4th, 2020...exactly one day after the 2020 presidential election.

So there's a DECENT possibility this is all for nothing - if Trump (or another Republican, assuming Trump gets bored and decides not to run again) loses in 2020, whomever defeats him might decide to keep the US in the Paris Accord, and so all this confusion and bluster will have been for absolutely nothing.