Finding Dory is very fun sequel to the Pixar classic. It's great and definitley worth a Netflix watch, but I still had some nitpicks...

1. Why doesn't Dory have siblings?


Blue Tangs (Dory) lay about 40,000 eggs. Ocellaris clownfish (Nemo & Marlin) only lay about 400-1200 eggs and yet we were given on the backstory on all of their deaths and why Nemo was so special to Marlin. But 40,000??! She's gotta have some siblings, no matter what shit wrecked their family while they were in captavity.

2. What IS Dory's memory issue?


As a nod to the common myth that fish only have three second memories, Dory's memory condition make sense in the first film. However, since it's the main theme of this movie, it's less consistent. She constantly repeats that she has SHORT-TERM memory loss. Why does she have no long-term memories of her parents or the place she grew up then? Her long-term memory is only available when it's convenient to push the plot along.

3. Why could Dory's parents not find her?


If Finding Nemo taught us anything, it's that if you love your child enough, you will go across the entire ocean to find them and be successful despite all logic. Marlin didn't expect Nemo to find his way back home, and Nemo didn't even have a memory problem.

But also...

4. If Marlin really believed in Dory, he'd let her go alone.

Things That Bother Me About Finding Dory

The "TERRIBLE" thing Marlin said to Dory was after their journey put his long-lost-finally-returned-son in harm's way: "Go wait over there and forget. It's what you do best." If he really believed that she was more capable of "waiting and forgetting" then he'd let her go on her own and find her way back to him, and avoid putting his son in constant danger AGAIN. Instead, he is bullied by his child to risk both their lives over and over again.

5. If the zoo was all about rescue, rehabilitation, and release, then why were they sending the fish to Cleveland?


Sigourney Weaver keeps saying "Welcome to the Marine Life Institute where we believe in rescue, rehabilitation, and release." There is nowhere in Cleveland to release saltwater fish, so why would the zoo be okay with shipping its fish there? SIGOURNEY WOULDN'T LIE TO US!!!

6. We're rooting for several horrific car accidents to save a few fish from being safely relocated


What's the human death count on all those accidents? These fish are gonna live like 5-10 years, but you betcha the injuries toll suffered by the humans in the world will have longer-lasting impact. Not to mention the economic toll on the institute whose whale, shark, and truck full of valuable fish just went MIA.

7. The Tank Gang is STILL in bags?!?!


Okay, I know the story about talking fish isn't going to be the most logical but ...  HOW LONG HAVE THOSE FISH BEEN IN BAGS? How much time has passed? How do they eat? How do they breathe? How do they stay sane? Way to undercut the happy ending of Finding Nemo by showing his friends have been slowly starving away in bags.

8. Why wasn't there MORE Baby Dory?