Daredevil actress Amy Rutberg - who you may remember as Foggy's on-and-off girlfriend (and expert nickname-giver), Marci - recently found herself living the dream: WORKING OUT NEXT TO DWAYNE ("The Rock") JOHNSON. Or, maybe that would be a nightmare, considering there's no person on Earth who would make you feel more inadequate when working out than America's Muscle-Bound Sweetheart.

Regardless, they obviously forged a strong bond when working out in the same general area. So now that they're total BFFs, Amy is campaigning / already prepping for her role in soon-to-be-announced sequel to Baywatch (which is pretty much a given, right? Right):

So - okay, sure - the Rock hasn't "called her" or "acknowledged she exists" or any minor things like that, but Rutberg is still getting ready to co-star with her best bud The Rock (or "Dwayne" as his friends call him), with a little help from her pal Mark Gessner (note: definitely NOT as good a friend as The Rock) by doing totally normal things, like posing alongside a standee of Dwayne for Baywatch (in Hollywood, this is what's known as "pre-production"):

Of course, a key part of pre-production is getting some footage ready in your swimsuit - it IS Baywatch 2: Introducing The Rock's New Cool Friend Named Amy, after all (title pending) - so Amy is prepping some of her scenes in front of a greenscreen (lots of special effects planned for Baywatch 2):

Just as an FYI, she DID act alongside Chris Pratt as his love interest on Everwood (AND took his virginity in that episode) - so if she can work alongside superstars like that, why not The Rock?

Will Amy finally get her role in Baywatch 2? Will The Rock invite her out for brunch mimosas so they can talk about her character's arc and maybe do a quick re-write of the script? CAN WE JOIN? We're pretty big fans. Either way, you should probably follow Amy on Instagram to find out, because this story isn't even close to finished yet.

In the meantime, you can go check out Baywatch 1, which is in theaters now - although keep in mind that Amy Rutberg isn't in this one, but her friend Dwayne is, so it should be pretty good.