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When you think of hackers, you probably think of "bad guys" - they're the people breaking into your bank accounts, stealing your identity, or generally causing all kinds of malicious chaos by taking advantage of lax computer security. But hacking isn't by it's nature a bad thing - it's just a skillset that can be used for good OR evil. And while the evil ones tend to grab all the headlines, there are lots of GOOD hackers out there too.

And you could be one of them.

They're known as "white hat hackers" (with the bad ones being known as "black hats") - and they practice ethical hacking, typically under the title of a "computer security expert": they find weak spots in security systems, root out potential exploits, and generally work to ensure that data is safe and protected from the bad guy hackers who might try to break in. And with massive hacking attacks becoming more and more common, the world needs more white hat hackers ASAP.

Not only are you gaining a valuable skillset and doing a lot of good in the world - but you're also making yourself A LOT more employable. Computer security experts get paid pretty well, and you can see why - companies don't want to be exposed through massive hacks, and they REALLY don't want their user data compromised. It's a PR nightmare, it can cost them millions upon millions of dollars in stock value, lawyer fees, and making amends with customers, and it can be poisonous for brands. So, as a result, they want to hire lots of computer security experts to make sure they don't have to deal with that at all.

And if you have the time and the ambition, these online courses could get you on that career path right now:

Complete White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing Bundle


5 courses dedicated to computer security - and while it's a lot of information and learning to take in, the end result is worth it: you'd be pursuing a career path that does a TON of actual good in the world, and you'd be getting paid handsomely for it. By "paid handsomely," we mean in the range of over $100,000 per year. So if you're not super happy about your current career path, or even just curious about computer security, this would be INCREDIBLY WORTH IT.

Especially since, right now, this bundle of courses will only cost you $19 (that's 97% off of the original $888 cost of the 5 courses combined). NINETEEN DOLLARS (and your own time actually taking the courses) could pay off enormously, landing you a great paying gig and doing a job protecting people's data. And if you need a little more convincing, just check out the job openings and payscales for the position in your area.



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Become an Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle


Of course, there's more to ethical hacking that just beefing up security systems - ethical hacking is about doing all the fun stuff hacking involves, but without any evil, selfish aims. Companies will reach out to ethical hackers to find the exploits and weak spots in their systems - and then pay them reward bonuses if they can find one. And with more companies focusing on digital (in online services, apps, websites, social media, etc.), the need for ethical hackers grows even more.

Basically, you can do a really cool job, get paid well, AND not have to worry about potential jailtime. The best of all worlds!

And this bundle comes at an insanely affordable price for a ton of classes - only $49 (which is 92% off of the original $681 pricetag). In case you were curious how they could afford to sell this many courses (all of which are very well-reviewed, by the way) for such a low cost, remember that that's the beauty of online courses over ones occupying a physical space: once they're made, there's NO actual cost left. If you wanted to teach 1000 students in real life classes, you would need to hire a bunch of teachers, rent out a space, and it would cost you a lot of money for each batch of students. But online courses don't have to worry about paying teachers for their time or renting out a space, so they can make these courses much more affordable.

Click here and check out the courses included - if you have any interest in this whatsoever (or know someone who does), we think you'll find it's worth the price.


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Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package


While the previous course bundles do a great job at actually giving you the knowledge and skillset to become an ethical hacker / computer security expert, it's not quite as simple as applying for a job and telling them you know how to hack real good: ethical hackers need to get certified officially, by taking and passing a qualification exam known as the 312-50. And if you've ever taken a standardized qualification test before, you know how helpful it is to actually do some practice beforehand, to make sure you're familiar with the methodology of the exam itself.

And that's why you should also consider getting the Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package, which will help you prepare yourself for 5 separate certifications: 


For only $59 (which is 96% off of the original $1,499 pricetag), you'll be fully-prepped to get certified in a wide variety of computer security exams, ethical hacking being just one of them. And given how much money you'll be able to make once you are certified, it is well worth the investment.

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