If you're a young-ish person or an adult with a kid, you definitely know about fidget spinners - the latest weird doodad craze to sweep the nation. What fidget spinners are - basically - are little two- or three-pronged discs you can spin around to keep your hands busy. They come in a variety of colors and designs, and kids are friggin' NUTS for them right now. Fidget spinners (and other general fidget toys) take up practically EVERY top spot on Amazon's ranking of top-selling toys right now, and schools are going so far as to ban them entirely because kids are OBSESSED with them.

On the flip side - they do have some positive benefits: studies have shown they can help calm special needs children and keeping their attention. But mostly, they're just fun little things for people of all ages and walks of life to goof around with when they're bored or feeling stressed out, which - reminder - ALL OF US ARE, ALL THE TIME. And we all need to be doing SOMETHING to deal with that stress - and these fidget toys are a fun and affordable solution to easing the stress just a bit.

Fidget Spinners

Let's start with the big ones - fidget spinners. You've heard about them in the news or from your kids, and there's a reason: they're fun AND they're a good way to take a step back and de-stress. We spend so much time on our phones and computers, constantly refreshing social media and the news and generally having TOO MUCH stimuli to obsess over. What fidget spinners allow you to do is just focus on one little thing - and it works. Whether you're someone who spends all day in an office or in school, this is a valuable thing to have on you.


And best of all, this is a pretty affordable fad - right now, you can get one fidget spinner for only $9.99 (that's 83% off of the normal $60 pricetag - these things are quality items) or two fidget spinners for only $18.99 (84% off of the original $120 pricetag - and this way you can have one for home AND work, or one to give to a friend).

Stress Blocks

For those who want a little more VARIETY to their stress doodads (the official term for these things, according to me at least), Stress Blocks are probably a better option. These are 6-sided items with little things to do on each side (really making Rubik's Cubes look bad, if we're being honest). And they're just as fun and addicting - once you get past the fidget spinners in the top toys rankings on Amazon, you'll see it goes straight to Stress Blocks.

And, like fidget spinners, they're small, easy to transport, and affordable - you can get one for $9.99 (that's 58% off of the original $24 pricetag), or you can get a little more bang for your buck by trying out the 2-pack for $18.99 (60% off of the original $48 pricetag).

Fidget Bundle


Let's say you're the type of person who hasn't tried either Fidget Spinners or Stress Blocks yet, but you have a somewhat anxious manner and like keeping your hands occupied when you're bored or working on something - maybe instead of trying out just ONE of these options, you get them both. That way, you can figure out which one works better at certain times for you, and you can have the best of both worlds. Sometimes you might feel like fidget spinning, but other times you may want to toy around with a stress cube. It's good to have some variety in life, right?

Well, right now you can get a fidget bundle (that includes boht a fidget spinner AND a stress block) for only $19.99 (that's 77% off of the original 89.99). You might not even realize how stressed you are on a daily basis, and for a pretty reasonable price, you could relax yourself by occupying your hands.

So - really - consider getting some fidget toys. I mean, even CATS love them:

Gil is loving his fidget spinner! He's been at it for the entire evening.

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