Adrenaline is a hell of a drug and these people are straight-up addicted. We're amazed that any of them are even alive after performing such ball-shrinking stunts.

Kudos for being radical, but stop setting yourself on fire and jumping off of shit, okay?

1. No! Stop it! Bad snake!

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2. Who needs elevators when you can fly?

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3. Whatever, I could do that. 

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4. Russia? Russia.

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5. It's really not that scary if you just close your eyes when you're doing it.

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6. Yeah, but can he do it 5 times in a row?

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7. Look ma! No...feet?

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8. I don't think this is how you play ping-pong, but I also don't really play ping-pong.

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9. Best friends don't dangle best friends off the side of a building.

10. Oh, paraSHOOT!

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