With Trump in the White House, there has been a lot of polarizing disagreements on who belongs in the country and who can do what with their bodies.

Of course, this is an issue that's been going on for-fucking-ever, and unfortunately, some people just don't believe in the rights of others. 

On Wednesday, an angry tweet surfaced from a haterade chugging douchenozzle picturing two people on a train minding their own damn business. It's all about how this is the the future that all dumb left-wing liberals want. 

OH nO! Watch out! There's a couple of people on public transit just hanging out and being civil on public transit! Build a wall around them stat!

To be fair, this future looks pretty a-okay if it's all about acceptance and people being kind towards one another. 

Luckily, the internet always responds in a way we can all understand: MEMES.

God bless the Internet. 

As all right-wing conservatives clutch their chest, they must be reciting "The Heart of Darkness": The horror! The horror! to which we respond: lol wot, chill out.