We've all bet on something really stupid: How many s'mores the weird kid can stack on his forehead, the amount of hotdogs you can eat in under a minute or what the hell is making the guy on House turn blue. What's the dumbest bet you've ever made? Check out these terrible things other people have bet on...

1. Walking to 300 Miles to a Gig 


If you're not familiar with it, Sabaton is a Swedish heavy metal band formed in Falun, Sweden in 1999.  The bet was made by the band's frontman, Joakim Broden, who explains the pretty straight-forward bet in this video diary.

Here's what he says:  "I got a hangover...and we did some stupid stuff.". Basically, Joakim bet fans and friends that he'd walk (or run, apparently) to their next gig.

That's not too bad, right? Except this gig was taking place at the Trondheim Metal Fest (in Trondheim, obviously). If we're not clear yet, that's from Sweden to Norway: More than a 300 fucking mile walk.

Hey, at least he's  not a drummer.

By the way, the Swedish term for heavy metal is 'tungmetall'...

2. Being the Ugliest Dude Around


Who sits down and decides to have what's basically the opposite of a beauty contest involving themselves?

Apparently, a guy called John Heidegger in England back in the 1700s. John James Heidegger, a Swedish count, originally came to England to work as a negotiator. After failing, he involved himself in promoting masquerade balls and eventually ended up managing the opera - he even worked with Handel.

Heidegger was reportedly so hideous that he struck up a bet with the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Phillip Stanhope - otherwise known as Lord Chesterfield. The bet was that the Earl wouldn't be able to find an uglier guy Lord Chesterfield that Chesterfield wouldn't be able to find an uglier man than him.

The Duke of Montague got Heidegger drunk and called someone in to make a cast of his face, just to keep things fair.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Heidegger, he won the bet.

Source: Round about Piccadilly

3. Setting Their Head on Fire


Terrible ideas tend to seem kind of okay when you're drunk. Unfortunately, that means that stupid bets often go hand-in-hand with booze, like in the case of a guy called William Bonner from Thomson, Georgia.

He achieved his five minutes of internet fame by letting friends pour a shot of Bacardi 151 on his head and set it on fire.

Check out the video and news report here.

Nobody's said just what he got for winning the bet, except for ending up in hospital in critical condition. What the hell would this guy have done for a Klondike bar?

4. Chopping Their Junk Off


Would you chop off your junk for $1, 500 in cash?

An unnamed man from Latvia has confirmed that yes, yes he fucking would. Reports of this story first started appearing in 2006, and the story goes that the Latvian cut off his penis on what was another drunken bar bet between...friends?

Microsurgeon Dr. Aivars Tihonovs sewed the guy's junk back into place in a surgery that took three-and-a-half hours to complete.

Did he have to use the cash from the bet to pay for the surgery?

5. Stealing (and Landing) a Plane


Back in the 1950s, a pilot called Thomas Fitzpatrick made a drunken bet with friends that he couldn't steal a plane and land it. That shouldn't be too hard for a pilot, right? The catch: he landed the plane in front of the bar in Manhattan they were drinking at.

If that's not enough, he did the same thing again two years later. Why? Just to prove a point to someone who called bullshit.

Hell, most of us can't even pull that off in Flight Simulator...

6. Getting a pair of boobs


You've probably heard of Brian Zembic already. He's become somewhat of a stupid-betting legend, being known as the guy who spent a night in Central Park with $20k in cash strapped to his ankles and the guy who lived in someone's bathroom for an eventual $7, 000 payout - yes, they paid him to get the hell out of their bathroom and let the stupid bet go.

He's also the guy with boobs. More specifically, the guy who got boobs in a poker game. You see, In 1996, he made a poker bet with friends that he'd get breast implants and keep them for a year.

He only started taking the idea seriously once one of his investments tanked, and he called up his friend Jobo for a second conversation - how do you bring this topic up twice?

Jobo accepted the bet, probably hoping that Zembic wouldn't be able to find a surgeon to do it - until he did. You might be wondering what the hell kind of surgeon agreed to do this. Another gambler, of course!

Brian won the bet, got some publicity - appearing in shows like Botched and Ripley's Believe it or Not!

For $100, 000, he'll be known as that guy for the rest of his natural life.

Oh, yeah, and don't Google it.

7. Literally Giving Away Their Wife


There's a joke that goes: "My wife left me because I'm a compulsive gambler. I'd give anything to win her back." Except for Andrei Karpov from Murmansk, Russia, it wasn't funny - or a joke. When most people run out of cash during a poker game, they either stop paying or start giving blowjobs for money in the parking lot.

Karpov decided to say no to blowjobs forever by betting his wife, Tatiana.

The winner was a man reported as Sergey Brodov, and surprisingly, is now married to Tatiana. Here's what she's said about Sergey in several interviews found online: "Sergey was a very handsome, charming man and I am very happy with him, even if he did 'win' me in a poker game."

Surprisingly, he's not the first guy to wager his wife in a bet: Henry Dhabasani lost his wife over an Arsenal game.