Tom Riddle Sr and Merope Gaut Meropes photo is of Kate Upton Tom: Wow, you are so hot Merope: Yes, I am a super model that is me Tom: Youve cast a spell ></p>
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<p dir=Snape and Lily Evans Snape: Oh, wow, so awkward we both swiped right haha Wow messenger sender Lily: Haha, yeah, its so funny Snape: Im madly in love with you always have been, always will be Lilly: oh uh haha Im not really interested in you like that Just swiped for a laugh Friends Snape: Yeah, well I was kidding too Youre a disgusting mudblood Lily: wtf Snape: I hope you die so I can taunt your child Lily: omfg srsly, Svrs Snp timestamp Years Later Snape: Nooooooooo I didnt mean it CURSE YOU, CRUEL WORLD






Ron and Hermione Ron: sup, uggo Hermione: Wow, you think after insulting me Id want to talk to you Ron: youre hair is frizzy n you have buckteeth Hermione: your, you ignorant ginger