1 Shaving your legs takes FOREVER
If you're like me, you know that extra 15 minutes in the shower is time that could be spent hitting the snooze button and snuggling up to your drool-stained body pillow.

2 Cuts

When I refuse to take the time it requires to get my legs smooth as a babies bottom, I usually shave like I'm taking a machete to the jungle. When that happens I am guaranteed to end up with huge gashes and cuts that never seem to stop bleeding. At least I'm not in the jungle where the risk of bleeding out would be a lot more extreme.

3 Stubble

Stubble is annoying and itchy. Have you ever made out with a guy and had your face get all red from the stubble on his face? Well, imagine your legs are your face...I've never met a guy who was really into the five o'clock shadow on my legs.

4 Theres never a good place to do it

If you have a shower or a tub/shower combo, you are either bending over, sitting on the edge of the tub, propping a leg up, or balancing on one leg...whichever way you choose, it's going to be weird. You may smack your head on the shower wall, or slip and fall while trying to balance on one leg. I like to call it the Shaving My Legs Shuffle. Either way you spin it, shaving becomes this weird workout where I'm pretty sure if the shower wasn't on you would see me profusely sweating.

5 Shaving is expensive

When you're as single as I am, you can't really get away with going on a date and not having smooth legs. When I'm out on a Tinder Bender, I may have up to six dates a week, which adds up to a ton of shaving cream and razors. Which means I basically have to go on a lot of dates so I can eat the free dinners because I am spending my grocery money at the CVS on razors.  It is a vicious cycle.