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Despite everyone assuming he would be a temporary nuisance in the presidential race, Donald Trump is STILL leading overall in the GOP presidential polling - and has been for nearly 6 months. This is not a minor blip like Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain in the 2012 GOP primary - Donald Trump appears to actually be in it to win it. And the reality that he actually has a shot at being our next president is slowly dawning on many people - but why do so many continue to resist? Here are 8 reasons why we should just give up and accept our fate as subjects to President Donald Trump.



1. It'll make for an AWESOME documentary in 20 years


Wow, in 20 years (once we all have enough distance from it to laugh at ourselves), there's gonna be a great documentary made about the rise of the Trump presidency. Probably called "Trump Card" or something. You'll see it pop up on your Netfluhuzon Video Mind Implant and be like "oh I bet that'd be good" but still just watch old episodes of The Office instead, but someone else will watch it and give you the gist.


2. Presidential aging effect on Trump will be a sight to behold




Surely you've seen those "before and after" pics of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Both entered the office as young-ish, fresh-faced dudes ready to lead the country. Both found themselves a mere 8 years later withered, grey husks of what they once were. Now imagine the same thing happening to the bright-orange businessman with the world's most baffling combover, Donald Trump. Would the stress and demands of the position finally wipe away whatever hair he actually has? Would he change into a duller shade of orange? There's only one way to find out: by actually electing the guy from The Apprentice.


3. This on a regular basis


4. First president to have cameo'd in a Home Alone film


Because John Candy's dead (and also born in Canada), the only one who can claim this throne is the Donald.