1. School


2. Work

Outlook Email Screen Wednesday, December 9th, 12:36 pm FROM: Karen Gilchrist SUBJ: All Hands Meeting Presentation Just a reminder, your Q4 All Hands report from the ad sales team will be at 2:30 tomorrow Remember to get there 15 minutes early if you need to set up the tech for your Powerpoint Good luck tomorrow, KG Response Email Thursday, December 10th, 2:19 pm SUBJ: RE: All Hands Meeting Presentation Hey Karen Sorry to flake but my GFs got a really bad stomach ache, plus we did some Powerpoint stuff a few times this week so we REALLY just need to take a break, probably just gonna stay in today Hope that doesnt mess up your thing Tell everyone I said hi Dan H

3. Doctor's Appointments

Text Screen from Doctors Office 9:08 am Your test results are in, were going to need you to come in as soon as possible 11:50 pm Ahhh sorry just saw this U still out 12:49 am Headin to matts 1:13 am Ahh actually might just pack it in for the night, kinda tired Up to anything next week Im pretty busy but might be around, lemme know

4. Holidays

HandWritten Christmas Card Yo mom just got home from work and Im totally friggin beat, prob not gonna make it out for Christmas Also gotta get up early for some stupid thing tomorrow Sorry Im super lame, haha MAN were gettin old


5. Funerals

Text to Dad Hey man not gonna make it out tonight had concert tix since Sept but def let Aunt Colleen know Im supes sorry and totally hit me up next time we lose someone dear