1 Youre not going to commit to it

Just like starting a new relationship, you truly believe you'll see it through to the end. You will press the link and go in thinking you'll read the whole thing, but odds are you will end up reading the first two items and then skimming the rest of the headlines without actually reading the content of each one. Once you realize you have to commit to reading 2000 words, you start noticing some more interesting articles in the corner of your eye. You know, in the "If you like this, you might also like..." section.




Clickbait. Articles that seem shiny and interesting from the headline but then end up being kind of boring. They reel you in with the promise of a great read, but once you're with them you realize it was all a front. They spent all their effort looking good that they never thought about what to do when they actually get you in reading.




3 Youll disagree with it more than agree with it

You thought you had a lot in common, but quickly enough you'll realize that even though you share the same passion, this article has a totally different mind set than you. By item 3 you'll understand that you totally disagree with everything this article has to say. You'll yell at it, but it will never change its mind. It's already been written and published, and your arguments will not convince it otherwise.




4 When youre done, youre gonna talk shit about it

By the time you finish your read, you're probably so pissed off about everything this article said, you will bad mouth it to anyone who will listen. You'll remember every little thing about it that annoyed you and write all your Facebook friends about it. Hopefully, they'll take your side because they're your friends. But more likely, they'll ask you if it's okay with you if they took a crack at it.




5 You always fail to see the hard work behind it

Articles don't come easy. You have to work on them. They don't just coast along and make everyone happy without any effort. If you want a good article you have to invest time and always think about how to make it better. There will be rough patches, especially on item 5, when you're a bit stuck, but if you try hard and not give up, it could end up being the one article that will be with you for the rest of your life.




6 Youll keep seeing it in social media

Once you're finished, you won't be able to avoid it on social media. You'll try to ignore it, but all your friends will interact with it. It will pop up everywhere and you will just have to face that the article has a life of its own. One day, you'll walk down the street and see it was featured in the print edition of the New York Times, and it will be a little awkward seeing it like that, randomly on the street. But you'll smile at it, and maybe even say "Hey. I read you once, and that's okay'. And you'll just keep walking, realizing life can go on.




You know. Like, if it's long. You have to scroll down. To get to the end. That's what I meant. You perv.