1. Why is it that all of a sudden they hate this baby a trillion more times than the boy? 



As soon as this baby is born, she's put in the trunk of the car and yelled at. But why? The point of Matilda as a character is that she's this super special, super smart girl, but when she's a day old she's none of those things. She's maybe getting used to object permanence (based on her learning speed). Hardly any reason to assume she's going to be the awesome weirdo her parents love to hate.



2. How is no extended family/parents' friends not asking about her not going to school? 



Do the parents have any friends? Or family? And why aren't they at all involved in Matilda's life? Also why does the brother get to go to school? Did mom and dad look at him and go, "Wow, this is a kid who will thrive academically. Let's give him the opportunity to."?



3. Mr. Wormwood is a money-obsessed money man! Why would he tear up the copy of "Moby Dick"? 

It seems like he'd have to pay for that is all I'm saying. Like, nice library lady is nice to Matilda, but she can't afford to lose books to the mean dad!


4. Is there no school administration that's like, "Ah, Trunchbull! Maybe don't throw the children?" And why isn't Miss Honey standing up for the kids? She's an adult!

Miss Honey has, literally, one job. She is a teacher. As a teacher, we assume she is a grown up. Why does she not call anyone to be like, "Hey! Miss Trunchbull just shot put like twelve kids in the backyard. Mhmm. Mhmm. Yes, also can we get a dry erase board for room 2H?" (Just spitballing here). She could definitely ALSO not just watch as Miss Trunchbull beats the kids up, and get the other teachers to confront her. I'd be super pissed if I was getting shot put and an adult was like, "Definitely would do something, but I am scared of her and want you to learn disappointment from authority figures early on."


5. The newt thing! Why would you put a newt in Trunchbull's glass when you actively know you are a six year old child and she is a monster? What are you getting out of that? And why is Miss Honey condoning this? 


How could Miss Honey have helped herself? Maybe by not laughing when a child put a newt into Trunchbull's glass. Maybe she could have even been like, "Hey, kids, that wasn't great to do." and establish her authority to Trunchbull and show her how "disciplining" children goes. I mean, without that, Trunchbull wasn't about to be like, "Guys, this reptile really got me thinking. I should be nicer to all of you."