I'm going to cut to the chase and let you know what you're about to see is most definitely one of the dumbest fights ever recorded between two "asshats." But what takes it to a new level of stupid hilarity is singsong narration.

Blake Ross captured the bout of stupidity in San Francisco and took it upon himself to turn it into a PSA for all the internet to enjoy. Now let's rumble!


A few days ago, I witnessed the absolute dumbest fight I've ever seen--right here in the broad daylight of San Francisco.Today I was going to write my usual third-person-bastard account of the incident. But I'm trying to stretch myself into scary new forms of writing. So, regrettably for you, I instead used my footage of the fight to write a song.The best way to watch this video is to not watch it. The second best way is to rotate your phone and tap the barely-visible "HD" button in the bottom right after opening the video. Thanks to my friends who continue to support my close calls with sanity.

Posted by Blake Ross on Friday, October 23, 2015