4. Howard Hughes bought a casino just so he could reposition their neon sign, which had been keeping him up at night, and get rid of the giant slipper, which he believed was being used to spy on him.




5. George Lucas is going to build a ton of low-income affordable housing to stick it to his snotty neighbors.


via The Washington Post

Lucas originally wanted to use the land to build a massive production facility, but the neighbors pushed back and blocked his repeated attempts. So instead, he's going to spend between $120-$150 million to build low income housing in Marin County, saying that the area already "has enough millionaires." So say what you will about George Lucas, but at least he's willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get petty vengeance.


6.  Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan had his name written in the sand via canals so that it could be viewed from space.



via The Wall Street Journal

...it has since been covered up, because c'mon dude.