Officer, I've diagnosed you with over 20 different disorders from my Psych 101 textbook. Are you sure you want to arrest me, or are you just projecting because of your relationship with your father?



I'll give you twenty dollars if you don't charge me for throwing this party. I'll give you forty dollars if you don't charge me for trying to bribe you.



Yes, technically I did just litter by throwing my cup on the ground, but I also took a picture of it so now it's art. Arrest me if you must; I just ask that you make my mugshot sepia-toned.



Political Science Major: I know my rights.

Cop: You do not have the right to light a couch on fire.

Political Science Major: My dad's going to sue your dad.



What IS underage drinking really? Can one truly be under an age? Is drinking not just an ephemeral, fleeting--yes, I will stop talking if you let me go.