Florida has become the New Jersey of the United States in regards to all of your shitty jokes. I WON'T STAND FOR IT.


So, here's 10 reasons why Florida actually RULES:


How is winter? FLORIDA DOESN'T KNOW. It's home to Miami, the warmest city in the United States. The only seasons it experiences are Summer and Hurricane. Hurricane season is fun too, you get to board up your windows, put sandbags by your doors and hang out with family and friends.


Florida's teams aren't generally regarded as the best or even okay (with the exception of the Heat for like 3 years). However, because of that you can paint your face and terrible body for a very minimal price and see these teams play in person. From out of state but really want to watch your team play? Go to one of their stadiums and watch your team for half the price with your buddies.


You can have a coconut tree in your front yard and an avocado or starfruit tree in your backyard. Wearing jeans is optional for 100% of the year.


Not only is it tropical but you can actually afford to be living here in this happy place. Unlike most other places in the US with a similar climate. On a list of most expensive cities in the United States, California has TWO cities on it (San Francisco at #3 and Los Angeles #2) whereas Florida only has one with Miami at number 7.