Liquid paper airplanes? Fire extinguishers that also extinguish your enemies? Haunted Ham? These ideas and many more could soon become realities thanks to We Did It! Sketch Comedy's new Kickstarter campaign: Kickstarter 2 - We are Making a Better Kickstarter. For only $500,000,000,000 (though Kickstarter will only permit them to ask for $100M) the campaign promises to create a website called Kickstarter 2 that will automatically fund every idea that is submitted to it. So if you are fed up with Kickstarter's strict constraints and suffocating rules, or if you just want to live in a world that has "Scary Paper", watch their project and donate to help them reach their impossibly lofty goal. 



Honestly, we think we are overdue for "A Monument to the Everyman".

What project would you submit to Kickstarter 2? Comment below!