1 Locking the door after leaving the house

Everybody knows this problem. You step out of the house, lock the door, and by the time you get outside you've already forgotten whether you locked it or not. You have to go back and check just to make sure you didn't leave the door open for any intruder to come in. Even if it's something that never actually happened, the constant fear of leaving your apartment unlocked will make you self-doubt every action you do.


2 Taking my phonewalletkeys with me

How many times a day do you reach down to your pocket just to make sure your keys, wallet and phone are still there? Even if you already checked half an hour ago, you'll still find yourself reaching for your pants to make sure you didn't forget these necessities at home. 


3 Having sex with that stranger I woke up next to

Waking up from a good night sleep only to find a stranger in your bed? What a scary thought. Especially when you're not sure what exactly happened with this stranger last night. Did they just crash in your bed? Did you have sex? Who knows. And when she wakes up and tells me "What do you mean stranger, we've been married for 11 years" it's even more confusing. I mean, I don't even recognize her face, how can we be married?


4 Whatever it was I was doing before hitting that tree with my car

Of all the things that slip your mind, isn't the most irritating one not being able to remember the whole day of your car accident? You wake up in the hospital and have no idea why, how annoying is that? And you try to remember, but it just won't come to you. Just like forgetting the words to a song. Only with an entire day of your life that apparently sent you the the hospital for what seems like a while since you didn't have that beard when you got here.


5 Talking to my doctor about suffering from severe cognitive impairment

They keep telling you you've had this talk every single day for 2 years, but you just can't remember. Was this doctor here yesterday telling me about having memory loss? For the life of me, I don't remember talking to this man. What a weird situation. I mean, when I check my phone it does say I have 700 calls from this guy, going back two years, but honestly - I don't even remember his voice.


Did I do that last night too? Well, that explains why I woke up in jail this morning.