1. Jonathan Lipnicki (aka "The Kid from Jerry Maguire")


Whoa! Who would have thoguht the kid from Jerry Maguire would have grown up to get totally jacked?


2. Alexa Vega (aka "The Girl from Spy Kids")


The girl from Spy Kids grew up to be HOT! Weird!


3. Daveigh Elizabeth Chase (aka "The Girl from The Ring")


Whoa - she doesn't look so creepy nowadays!


4. Malcolm David Kelley (aka "Walt on Lost")


This flashforward is pretty handsome!


5. Justin Lee (aka "Annyong on Arrested Development")


Who would have guessed Annyong would look so stylin'?


6. Travis Tedford (aka "Spanky from The Little Rascals")


Spanky looks positively SPANK-TACULAR!


7. Joseph Mazzello (aka "Tim from Jurassic Park")


Whoa - BONER ALERT! Tim from Jurassic Park has grown up to become Jonathan Lipnicki, except with Tim's head circa Jurassic Park. And he's lookin' T-SEXY. 


8. Mackenzie Rosman (aka "Ruthie on 7th Heaven")


Little Ruthie is now a full grown adult! Whoa!


9. Grant Holmquist (aka "Carlos the baby from The Hangover")


Grant Holmquist also had Jonathan Lipnicki's 24 year old body, but with his baby head still frozen in time. I love you, Carlos!!


10. Amber Scott (aka "Maggie from Hook")


Thank god she didn't become Jonathan Lipnicki! While the look works for babies, I'm not sure if it would have looked right for Amber.


11. Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit (aka "Nicky and Alex on Full House")


Sad - the Katsopolis twins from Full House grew up and merged into one being: present Jonathan Lipnicki body with child Jonathan Lipnicki head. Can't wait to see it/them showing off its/their terrifying new look on Fuller House.


12. Alisan Porter (aka "Curly Sue")


Curly Sue isn't curly anymore - and she's all grown up! She was allowed to become her own person, for which she should be grateful. The Lipnicki curse claims many - those who have immunity may be our only hope.


14. Amandla Stenberg (aka "Rue from The Hunger Games")


No...not Rue...not FULL Lipnicki....my god...


14. Peter Billingsley (aka "Ralphie in A Christmas Story")


Little Ralphie's all grown up - and looks pretty normal! He didn't have to grow into Jonathan Lipnicki! Praise be to the lord, Ralphie was spared!


UPDATE (1:08 PM EST 9/4/2015):


Sadly, Jonathan Lipnicki emerged from Peter Billingsley today. The Lipnicki had been growing inside of Ralphie for decades, getting progressively more surprisingly jacked. We regret our mistake.


15. Madeline Zima (aka "Grace on The Nanny")


Grace is safe! GRACE IS SAFE! GRACE IS --