1. As Told By Ginger- Marcy is the Little Seal Girl

Though there's nothing objectivly all that sad about this episode, we can't help but tear up a little bit every time we see it. When Marcy decides to risk embarrassment and be herself by performing a solo rendition of her favorite song from childhood, the end result is just the right combination of inspiring and pathetic to make your heart sink.


2. Spongebob Squarepants - Sandy Sings

SpongeBob is pretty silly show, so emotional moments are few and far between. That just made this tearjerker all the more surprising. Anyone who has ever experienced homesickness can relate with this rodent's heartbreaking country song.


3. Pokemon - Butterfree says Goodbye

It would be foolish of us to think that Ash would keep a Butterfree in his core team for very long, but that didn't make the goodbye any easier. The bittersweet farewell is so moving, it's enough to make you forget that it's happening between a 10 year old boy and the butterfly he used for the purposes of cockfighting.

4. Teen Titans - Terra Betrays Beastboy

Seeing the eternally optimistic Beast Boy let down by the girl he thought was his friend would have been sad enough, but the writers decided to take it one step further. Watching the green superhero cry on his bed in the form of a dog is one step short of the show physically ripping our hearts out of our chests.