There are two kinds of weddings, those that have open bars (a.k.a. the good kind) and those that don't (a.k.a. "I can't believe I flew to Toledo for this!"). 

A new wedding contender has entered the national landscape, though -- the open WEED bar. 

It was bound to happen eventually with several states having legalized recreational marijuana. John Elledge and Whitney Alexander of Portland, Oregon (sounds about right) opted to invite their wedding guests to get baked out of their minds and then gorge themselves on cake with free weed at their reception. Because, that's just the kinda chill couple they are, maaaaan. 

They didn't just pass around a giant bong like a couple of stoners at a Phish concert, though, no, they kept it classy with a budtender. That's like a bar tender, but y'know he rolls blunts instead of mixing cocktails. 

Source: usatoday