Hey everybody, I know that somewhere on your bucket list between "eat a dozen doughnuts in a hot air balloon" and "pee into that fancy fountain in Rome" is an entry about scuba diving off the coast of New Guinea. 

You might want to hold off on that. Because...

There's an underwater volcano full of super sharks!


Source: giphy 


The scientists were busy doing their science stuff -- which from repeated viewings of Deep Blue Sea I know means tampering with nature -- when they discovered creatuers living in "Kavachi, a highly active undersea volcano near the Soloman Islands."

Being that the animals were living inside a volcano, temperatures were a lot warmer than normal, which came as a bit of a surprise to researchers says National Geographic.

"The idea of there being large animals, like sharks, hanging out and living inside the caldera of this volcano conflicts with what we know about Kavachi, which is that it erupts," says ocean engineer Brennan Phillips. "But when it erupts, there's no way anything could live in there. And so, to see large animals like this that are living, and potentially they could die at any moment, it brings up lots of questions: Do they leave? Do they have some sort of sign that it's about to erupt? Do they blow up sky high, in little bits?"

OR, does the magma from deep inside the Earth fuel the super sharks and transform them into some sort of altered lava sharks that are unleashed on the sea? 

Regardless, this sort of discovery has Syfy movie written all over it.