9. "Dick in a Box" Boxes

For being one of the most memorable songs in the history of comedy music, you'd be surprised how little time Dick in a Box took to make - the idea for the song didn't even get proposed until about 2 days before the night it ultimately aired on SNL, and the final cut wasn't ready until 4pm that Saturday, literally a few hours prior to the live show. Of course, the titular boxes became instantly iconic, inspiring costumes and probably a few ACTUAL, uh, romantic gifts.


Where Are They Now?

The dick-boxes were dumped in the trash at the beginning of Samberg and Timberlake's follow-up song, Motherlover.


8. Ninja Sex Party's Cardboard Keytar

Ninja Sex Party - comprised of Ninja Brian (a ninja) and Danny Sexbang (a Jewish superhero) - could only exist in the age of Youtube. And to top off their already ridiculous appearance, Ninja Brian often plays an obviously fake cardboard keytar.


Where Are They Now?

Sadly, Ninja Brian has mostly hung up the cardboard keytar, usually foregoing instruments entirely or focusing on an actual keyboard (particularly for live appearances). 


7. Weird Al's Fat Suit

Weird Al's fat suit (from his Bad parody, Fat) is incredible for just HOW huge it is. Weird Al's a pretty fit guy in real life, so ballooning him out to (what appears to be) 400 lbs. was no small task - the suit and makeup took 3 hours a day to apply. And Al, always going the extra mile, even used the same subway Michael Jackson used in his Bad video to add authenticity to Fat.


Where Are They Now?

Incredibly, Weird Al still busts out the fat suit whenever he performs Fat in concert - and manages to keep the costume change INCREDIBLY quick (as in under ten minutes).


6. Bo Burnham's Keyboard

Bo Burnham is one of the first and most successful musical comedians to be born in the age of the internet - from his first song uploaded to the internet back in 2006, he's used piano music to accompany his wordplay-filled comedy songs and bring him to a place where he's making huge, expensive videos about the faux-sincerity of pop music (and Satanism). But he started making videos in his bedroom, with only his digital keyboard.


Where Are They Now?

The digital keyboard is GONE - Bo regularly performs with a grand piano during his stand-up specials and when recording albums.