Beer Guy

Hey, whatcha doing over there? Discussing Game Of Thrones? Oh. Figures. I don't watch it. Did I mention before that I don't watch it? I have, several times? Ok. Because I don't.


Office Guy


Oh don't get me wrong, I didn't choose not to watch it because it's too time consuming and no one can watch every series -- obviously that would be totally understandable. Instead, I don't watch it because I've formed my entire identity around not watching popular shows then declaring that "I don't see what the big deal is" any time they get mentioned, and diverting every conversation into my rehearsed diatribe about how all these shows are an objectively negative thing because I personally don't derive pleasure from them.


Car Guy

It's not like I didn't TRY to get into Game of Thrones. I watched part of one episode in the background of a party once and just thought it was pretty stupid. Just wasn't for me. Couldn't tell what was going on, and wanted to be mad at it, and was. That's all.


Same with Breaking Bad and Mad Men and The Wire. Streamed the first ep of each one and just wasn't that into them, and figured, if I'm not into the first 1% of this thing that most of my friends who I like and respect keep claiming is enjoyable to them, then why keep watching? If I don't instantly love the first 8 pages of a novel I immediately quit reading and tell everyone it's overrated. It's sort of the same principle.


Boat Guy

The only problem is that simply deciding to not watch the shows made me feel empty. What was the point of bravely not watching stuff if I couldn't tell everyone about this interesting personal choice I'd made? So that's when I decided to scoff at anyone who mentions shows in public and bait them into asking why I don't watch them, and post derisive comments online any time people are enjoying something a little too much. Oh, you're into the show where dragons fuck fire? Hmmph. OK!


Shirt Guy


Instead, I spend my time on more important things: Reading parts of neuroscience books that I don't understand but try to shoehorn into conversations. Listening to vinyl jazz albums at a volume that hopefully intrigues other people in my building. Not liking beers.

Popular TV shows? No thank you. You can have your joy, excitement, and shared discussion topics; I'll stick with believing those things are bad, thank you very much.