1. The witch who gave Thumbelina to her mother didn't have any other tiny sized people so Thumbelina could have a friend?


At the beginning of the movie, Thumbelina's mother receives a barleycorn seed from a Good Witch. That barleycorn grows into a flower that opens up to a perfect teenage girl wearing cute clothes and a rockin' ponytail. Throughout the movie, Thumbelina complains that there is no one else like her in the world. So are we to believe that the Good Witch didn't happen to have another barleycorn seed that would grow into a human-carrying flower? Shouldn't Thumbelina's mother go back to the witch and say, 'Hey can I get another human seed from you? The other human I grew is lonely.' I understand that the theme of this movie is Thumbelina's need for belonging, but I feel someone should have asked for more damn barleycorn at some point.


2. Cornelius is kind of the worst.


 via primadonna--princess

 Sure, he's got cute red hair and is a fairy prince, but the dude tries to kiss Thumbelina literally within the first two minutes of meeting her. Take a cold shower, Cornelius. Or at the very least, go find a peanut shell to make out with. I get that 'he loves her and wants to marry her' but when the two sing their first duet "Let Me Be Your Wings" he sings the line, "Leave behind the world you know." Yeah, Thumbelina is bummed that there aren't others her size, but she still has loved ones in her old world. Cornelius just wants Thumbelina to belong to him like every other male character in this movie.


3. Thumbelina's dog looks like a drug addict.

thumbelina dog

Thumbelina's dog, Hero, looks like he just went on tour with the Grateful Dead and did more lines of coke than Jerry Garcia. Look at the dog's puffy purple eyes, as if he hasn't slept in days, yet for the majority of the movie the dog is only sleeping. Don't even get me started on that disgusting mustache, which I guess is something that dogs have? Even Hulk Hogan would look at that mustache and say, "Tone it down, dog."


4. Thumbelina's mother makes NO EFFORT in trying to find her.


Thumbelina's kidnapping was made clear by the coke fiend dog, Hero (who apparently communicates to humans through barks)

and yet all the mother does is cry. Yes, Cornelius told the dog he was going to look for her, but the mother has never met Cornelius, for all she knows her drugged out dog could be spouting hallucinations at her. Even if she did believe a fairy went out looking for her kidnapped tiny daughter, wouldn't a grown, full-sized adult be better equipped to scour a huge forest than a tiny man on a bumblebee?


5. One of the Spanish toads is named 'Gringo.'


While the term "gringo" isn't as charged as it once was, it still bears the definition of a foreigner in Latin America and someone who, while foreign, speaks broken Spanish. That doesn't seem to be the accurate description for one of FrogCharo's sons in this movie. Why even name the character that? He seemed to be speaking great Spanish. Was there a deleted scene where we find out Charo adopted Gringo, and he's not actually Spanish but from swamp in the U.S.?