Crowdfunding sites have helped produce many an odd creation in the past including strap-on beard masks, meat soap, and even boob pillows

Well, add 'Lovely' - a wearable sex tracker for the male genitalia - to the list.



Not only will the Indiegogo project track stats such as thrust speed, duration, force, and calories burnt, but it will also supposedly recommend different positions for you to try based on the positions that you've already used. Oh, and it vibrates. All you could ever ask for (but never did) in a wearable penis stat tracker.

If created, 'Lovely' plans a 2016 launch with a retail price of $169 dollars, because how could it not have the number 69 in the price.

Check out some more pics of the creation below and feel free to help this wet-dream come true by pitching in some money here.