Many TV shows feature great musical numbers, but this list focuses on songs that were actually part of the show's universe and not a way to further the plot or reveal a character's feelings through song.

1. Happy Birthday, Lisa - The Simpsons

Whether it really was Michael Jackson singing this classic Simpsons tune, it will forever be remembered as one of the most catchy and at the same time emotional songs ... in a show that's filled with catchy and emotional songs. How do we know it's a great song? Because after reading this article it'll get stuck in your head for a week. Good luck with that.

2. Peeno Noir - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After the release of the first season on Netflix, the internet was obsessed with this show's opening theme song, and for good reason -- it was catchy, it was alluding an already popular remix about a real life abduction, and it had the words "Females are strong as hell" in it. But it was another song from the show, "Peeno Noir" sang by main character Titus Andromedon, that will truly be remembered. Embodying everything this generation loves, from random rhymes to a campy music video, this is another tune that will live on in TV history.


3.  Day Man - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The It's Always Sunny gang unconsciously gave the world one of the most strangely satisfying songs. "Day Man" was a intoxication induced lyrical brilliancy by a glue huffing Charlie. Reminiscing the weirdness of Kermit the frog's "The Rainbow Connection," this song is a total 70s psychedelic trip, with lyrics like "champion of the sun" and "Master of Karate and Friendship." The gang realized just how popular it was, giving us a whole musical episode based on it the following year.


4. Let's Fighting Love - South Park 

Leave it to the South Park guys to write a song that's manages to be catchy and exciting while also serving as the perfect parody of corny anime tropes. To fully appreciate the song, do yourself a favor and google the delightfully filthy translated lyrics. 


5. Farts So Loud / Heart So Proud - 30 Rock

Yet another Tina Fey creation, there are so many songs to pick from this show. "The Rural Juror Song", "Muffin Top", "Balls", "Mystic Pizza the Musical". But it was this Jenna Maroney original, written entirely to spite Weird Al for parodying her songs that made the most impression. In an attempt to prevent Weird Al from doing his own version of her song, Jenna wrote the most ridiculous lyrics she could think of -- "Yum yums make me fart so loud". Later, Weird Al did show up with his own version, changing the lyrics to a touching ballad for the troops, reversing his effect and "Normal Alling" the song.


6. I Remember You - Adventure Time 

Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out...