1. Secretary of State

    Okay, Mr. Terrorist. We've crammed every head of state in the free world into one room together and we now have you on a big screen overhead. Proceed when ready.

  2. Terrorist

    Mwahahaha. Clever play on words, eh, Mr. President?

  3. President

    Clever comeback, Mr. Terrorist!

  4. Terrorist

    Touché, Mr. President. Childish riddle that isn't remotely realistic for this scenario?

  5. President

    Quit stalling!  What are your demands?

  6. Terrorist

    Not so fast. First let me tell you my lengthy back story about how I was wronged 20 years ago and have been secretly plotting my revenge ever since! Now you must pay!

  7. President

    I'm sorry for your loss. This isn't the answer.

  8. Terrorist

    You can't talk your way out of this! Pay me $100 billion!

  9. President

    That's impossible!

  10. Terrorist

    You have two hours! Mwahahahaha!

  11. End broadcast.
  12. Vice-President

    What are we going to do?

  13. President

    Send in the supporting actors!

  14. Broadcast resumes.
  15. Terrorist

    Another play on words, eh, Mr. President?

  16. President

    You're supposed to be dead!

  17. Terrorist

    I'm not! Mwahahaha! Now I want $200 billion! And I started a countdown! And I have your daughter! Mwahahaha!

  18. Daughter


  19. President


  20. End broadcast.
  21. Vice-President

    What are we going to do?

  22. President

    Send in the lead actor!

  23. Broadcast resumes.
  24. Terrorist

    Well Mr. President? The clock is ticking!

  25. President

    Okay we'll pay! Just stop the clock!

  26. Terrorist

    Okay! Actually, on second thought....no! Mwahahaha.

  27. President

    You bastard!

  28. Terrorist

    Mwahaha....hey wait a minute...

  29. Lead Actor

    Hey Mr. Terrorist, clever catchphrase/title of the movie! PUNCH!

  30. Terrorist


  31. Daughter


  32. President

    Daughter! Lead actor, how can I ever repay you?

  33. Lead Actor

    Meaningless cliché, Mr. President, meaningless cliché.