The word "meme" has annoyingly come to mean "any crappy stolen photo with some wacky text on it," but sometimes (see: "That's The Joke") memes can actually be extremely useful; I find myself attempting to respond to things with Simpsons references about 10 times a day, so in the hopes of getting us all on the same page, and as a service to fellow Simpsons nerds, I've put together a list of 19 new Simpsons memes for any situation:



Context: After new principal Ned Flanders tells the students he wants to "Put the 'Pal' back in 'Principal'", Superintendent Chalmers interrupts that he also wants to put the "Super" back in "Superintendent." This is met with dead silence.


Useful When: Someone posts a follow-up joke to something that's just the first joke again but slightly re-arranged.



Context: The catchy refrain to Paul Anka's song about defeating giant monster advertising billboards by not paying attention to them.


Useful When: When someone online is obviously trolling and should be ignored at all costs.




Context: To prove to Lisa that he isn't dumb, Bart confidently starts reading a newspaper and immediately gets painfully bored in the middle of the first headline.


Useful When: You're trying and failing to concentrate on something that's extremely boring or 'adulty', like trying to make sense of personal finance or sitting through a business meeting like some grownup who's actually capable of that.




Context: After winning the Springfield Film Festival for his powerful anti-alcoholism movie, Barney declares that he's gonna start a new clean and sober life, then is rewarded with "a lifetime supply of Duff Beer" and psychotically declares this request (and the Duff employees immediately comply).


Useful When: You see something online that you're instantly way too excited for.




Context: When a comet is about to obliterate Springfield, the U.S. Congress votes to approve a bill to rescue them, and a rep tacks on a last-minute rider to the bill to use taxpayer money to support the "perverted arts," leading to the bill instantly being voted down.


Useful When: The government does something stupid. (That's RARE, AMIRIGHT??? Up top.)




Context: One of the lines of pre-recorded 'inane chatter' spouted randomly by the DJ-3000, an automated disc jockey replacing machine.


Useful When: Basically an alternate version of the previous entry, but this one also works whenever someone makes a super obvious/lame "the government is dumb" joke. Like the one in the previous "Useful When" section.