Is Netflix's new Daredevil series set in the world of Jake and Amir? IT'S NOT AS CRAZY AS IT SOUNDS.

If you've binged (or are mid-binge) on the Marvel Netflix show about a blind lawyer trying to save New York from Vincent D'Onfrio, you may have noticed a familiar face in Marci (played by Amy Rutberg), Foggy Nelson's old flame and current bigtime lawyer rival:


But if you've seen all 800 (or so) episodes of Jake and Amir (and if not, now's an okay time to get started), you'd recognize her as Amanda, Jake's one-time co-worker and girlfriend during his stint in California:

Listen, all we're saying is that it's not IMPOSSIBLE that Amanda changed her name to Marci, moved to California, and got tangled up in the world of Daredevil. That's all.