Terminator 2 is absolutely one of my favorite movies of all time and belongs on any Mount Rushmore of Great Action Movies. Because this is the internet, let's take a moment to lovingly nitpick some of the goofier parts in this otherwise ever-so-slightly dark film about the extinction of the human race:

1. In the future, who arranged all these skulls into nice neat skullpiles?

At some point in between the instant nuclear devastation of the entire human race and a nightmarish perpetual war between surviving humans and sentient death machines, someone took the time to arrange all the remaining human skulls into a bunch of cool, organized skullpiles (and get rid of most of the other uncool non-skull bones).


Some of the skulls are laid in little pyramids, others are laid out in a row so tanks can roll over them, and presumably others offscreen are arranged into all sorts of other fun trendy shapes: Buddhist skull gardens, skull 'ice' sculptures of robot angels and stuff, skulls arranged into the shape of bigger skulls for a futuristic Danzig concert, you name it!


Who arranged the skulls? People? Machines? The guy from this comic??

2. Doctor Silverman is completely justified the whole time

The psychiatrist who doesn't believe Sarah Connor's 'Terminator' story is your classic "Peck from Ghostbusters" annoying-antagonist character -- you hate him because he frustratingly won't believe the main character and unknowingly endangers her, but at the same time, in real life, if someone kept talking about a robot who traveled through time to kill her so machines could win a post-apocalyptic war, EVERYONE would think they were crazy, and everyone would be COMPLETELY RIGHT (except for the one time when it happens to be a fictional movie about exactly that.)


Plus when the doctor tells Sarah he doesn't want to transfer her to a minimum security hospital because he's afraid she'll just try to escape again, she immediately tries to escape again, proving the doctor again completely right. Promote this dude! To whatever the next job is, I dunno. Shady Hospital Managing Partner Consultant or whatever.


I guess the doctor does keep that creepy molester orderly employed, plus he does seem like a dick, so it's appropriately satisfying when Sarah breaks his arm. But he's still right.

3. Did Arnold stop and buy roses?

Arnold walks around the mall with his shotgun concealed in a box of roses, leading to an iconic bad-ass scene when he pulls the gun out and the roses fly everywhere in slo-mo and the footage goes back and retroactively inserts itself into an 80s metal video. But does that mean that Arnold walked up to a flower kiosk in the mall with his shotgun, purchased (or stole) roses, then crammed his shotgun into the box?


That's not necessarily a plothole or anything, I'm just pissed off we didn't get to see that scene.