This Florida kid was labeled a "hacker" and arrested on felony charges for changing his teacher's desktop background to a picture of two guys kissing. Overreaction, much?

via ABC Action News

The uber-sophisticated "hacker" gained access to his teacher's computer by performing what is called in hacking circles "typing in the password." That password, by the way, was his teacher's own last name. The felon then proceeded to visit the illicit deep-web hacker meetup site "Google" to procure a picture of homosexuals, and then "switch out" his teacher's desktop background image for said picture. This is, of course, a felony.

via thelostogle

Pictured: A felony.

School officials were vigilant in assuring this kid's high school career was appropriately ruined, and his future in terrifying jeopardy. Their airtight logic was that the computer had encrypted test questions on it (not accessed). Glad to see educators dedicated to maintaining a safe & effective learning environment.

Keep being Florida, Florida.

(Story via Tampa Bay Times & Uproxx)